Why training is needed:

Due to the lack of knowledge and annual maintenance of compressor divider block systems, most are compromised and have problems that have been overlooked for decades; hence, creating premature wear and failure of rings, rods, cylinders and packing. Mechanics and operators never intentionally cause the divider block system problems, they simply lack knowledge of the system and skills needed to maintain it correctly. Many problems can be prevented with proper training for the divider block system and annual maintenance programs system. Knowledge of the force feed system & Preventive Maintenance Intervals increase run time & longevity of cylinder wear components.

What the class consists of:

Class is a full day and a half (12 hours) of hands-on and written instructions for every part of the force feed system. Class time depends on questions asked during the class and time needed to acquaint each person with operation of a fully functioning system installed on an Ariel compressor.

Details of the training:

Training Details


Force Feed Lubrication System - Overview

Over Lubrication

Displacement Pump Theory

Displacement Pump Theory Pumps

Displacement Pump Theory Div Block

Displacement Pump Theory Test Stand

Divider Block Theory

CCV - Cartridge Check Valve

BVA Theory

BVA Adjustment

Sentry BVA Adjustment

Pump Bypass

DPSS Theory

Pump to Point Operation

Pump to Point Failure

Pump Operation

Pump Adjustment Suction Fed

Pump Adjustment Pressure Fed

Pump Bypass Failure